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I specialize in...

personalized functional nutrition therapy

and lifestyle support for:

Female hormonal health: Perimenopause, menopause, irregular cycles, PCOS, infertility 

Thyroid conditions (hypothyroid, Hashimoto's...)

Blood sugar regulation and diabetes management 

Autoimmune conditions: celiac, rumatoid arthritus...

Digestive Disorders (SIBO, IBS, GERD...)

Adrenal function

Beth Buchanan cutting a carrot while smilling

Beth Buchanan MS, BCHN, FMCHC

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Beth grew up with a love for playing outdoors and eating fresh, locally grown foods. But for years she dealt with digestive issues she thought were normal.  In 2008, after earning her master's in Exercise Physiology, she met a Functional Nutrition Therapist who gave her answers to these health problems and changed her life.  This experience ignited a passion to dive deeper into lifestyle medicine and more specifically the role of food as medicine. She spent 11 years teaching elementary Physical Education and always incorporated food and lifestyle support with her students and loved watching them thrive with this information.   

Being in the health and fitness field since 2003, Beth has worked with all ages and walks of life from individuals with MS, to autoimmune conditions, cancer rehab, digestive health, and more.   

In working in the fitness industry it became more and more apparent that movement was really only half the picture.  In order to make a lasting change, nutrition and lifestyle must come together for optimal health.  Beth chose to pursue Functional Nutrition Therapy for its origin in Functional Medicine and the way it supports the body as a holistic unit using food, movement, sleep, lifestyle, and stress resiliency.  


"A teacher at heart, I thrive on helping my clients understand the nature of their condition and how daily lifestyle choices, to include fitness and nutrition, are within their reach and can drastically improve their quality of life."  

Beth would love to work with you and help you feel your best!  


Nutrition Therapy Institute - Nutrition Therapy Master

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist 

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

University of Northern Colorado - Master of Science: Exercise Physiology concentration


Gonzaga University - Bachelor of Education 

Physical Education, Health, and Art concentrations


Get started today! 

Authorizing physician
Jonathan M. Sasser LAc

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